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About Our Farm

At Pure Prairie Farm, our family’s first love is the golden retriever.

They are lovable, loyal, and great with children. 


When I moved from Thailand to the US, I felt homesick and missed my golden retriever back home. My husband felt sad and tried to cheer me up with one of the best gift on Christmas. That was our first golden retriever girl, Bonnenuit. 

Pure Prairie Farm was founded in 2011. Today we have 14 golden retrievers: Bonnenuit, Brownie, Bamboo, Bingo, Bobo, Bella, Beauty, Bibi, Bonnie, Brandy, Banjo, Bucky, Major, and Gemma. Our golden retrievers come from very healthy parents. We provide a year health guarantee for every single one of our puppies.

Pure Prairie Farm is here for you before and after the puppy goes home.

Our Team
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